2022 Information 
Our 1st tourney of 22 will be Jan 22nd at Naci. Gate should open at 6am so sign ups will be done in line and then in the top parking lot by bathroom from 530-615am. If you missed the meeting to join and you're a past member then you can join at the lake. See ya'll there. 

We are back to meeting at our old location at Rustys pizza on Ming and Ash. Registration and a $40 membership fee is needed. If you know your insurance is going to be expiring then please bring a copy for our records.

​Please let anyone know who wants to fish and have a great time to come. 

Go to the schedules page to see the lakes for 2022 season. 
We have made a change to our schedule so pay attention. We have now added a night tournament in Aug and pushed our TOC to Oct instead of Nov. Should be fun so come and fish with a great group of Fishermen/Women.