2020 Information 
Congrats to Bob Barter and Brad Everett for a 1st place finish and Brad for the BIG fish 4.88.
It looks like our 2 day for Naci and San Antonio for July 18/19 is on so make your reservations and plans. 
To all, I know we're all itching to go fishing and get back to some normalcy. We will have a meeting in July in the parking lot of Walmart on Rosedale to see what our path forward is. I've reached out to all Members and everyone is in the know now. Stay tuned and I'll update our stats as I can. If you need to call me, my # is on the Home page. 

Registration and a $40 membership fee is needed. If you know your insurance is going to be expiring then please bring a copy for our records.

​Please let anyone know who wants to fish and have a great time to come. 

Go to the schedules page to see the lakes for 2020 season.